Open Walls: Expanding Beaconsfield’s Reach

as part of #SupportBeaconsfield

Ongoing in 2015

Over the summer you would have seen changes to the venue as we opened up the front wall to increase visibility and access.

We have had some fantastic feedback from you about our new front wall which has made Beaconsfield more inviting and visible on Newport Street. Thank you for putting up with our building works! Visit us to see our new glass windows, automatic door and awning.

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#SupportBeaconsfield is a fundraising campaign launched in 2015 marking a turning point in our history, as this autonomous art space enters its 20th year. Beaconsfield has been curating visual art, producing new sound, performance and interdisciplinary art projects for 20 years. After two decades as a fixed-term client of Arts Council England, Beaconsfield is going it alone as a self-sufficient, critically engaged locus operating beyond the mainstream.

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