Simon Tyszko: The Unfun Fair Too

10 July – 10 August 2013

Wednesday-Saturday, 11am–5pm

Friday 26 July from 6pm: special event for LAST Fridays
I Want To Be In The Unfun Fair Too for radio broadcast with special dead guests

The Unfun Fair expands in our Arch Space as Simon Tyszko develops new pieces within the second half of his sonic sculpture exhibition.

Tyszko’s mixed media practice constructs narratives that originate in the joys and tragedies of his colourful personal life. The expression of poignant emotional experiences finds form through a variety of physical materials. Discarded machines are rejuvenated and linked to other objects creating new hybrids animated by sound or light. Through its evolution, the original core impulse acquires gravitas as a reflection of the experience of the wider social body.

The composition of sound and light currently exhibited in the Arch is bound together by neon – a core symbol of consumer culture – and 10,000 volts.

Simon Tyszko is notorious for disrupting his domestic life by installing a full-scale Dakota aeroplane wing in his West London flat, in acknowledgement of the events of 9/11. He is a regular broadcaster on Resonance FM.

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On Friday 28 June 2013, for the special event – Attenuated Performance In The Unfun Fair – Simon Tyszko invited special guests Peter Lewis, Peter Suchin and Cecilia Wee to join him and David Crawforth in a discursive animation of The Unfun Fair.

The attenuated performance will be broadcast on Tyszko’s regular Isotopica show, Tuesdays 3-4pm on Resonance FM and available for download from the Beaconsfield website.

Click here to view the performance event in The Unfun Fair on Vimeo

Image: Simon Tyszko, The Unfun Fair, 2013, mixed media Arch installation (detail), image courtesy the artist and Beaconsfield