WINDAUGE – Mulfinger & Budgett | Giorgio Sadotti

Jane Mulfinger & Graham Budgett

WINDAUGE [vindt-ow-geh Saxon “wind-eye”]
Upper Space 25 June–18 September 2016

Giorgio Sadotti

Arch Space 25 June–4 September 2016

Seduced by the distinctive architecture of the former Lambeth Ragged School and its contemporary history, artists Jane Mulfinger and Graham Budgett travel from California for their latest collaboration, WINDAUGE, commissioned by Beaconsfield Gallery Vauxhall. Mulfinger & Budgett’s installation empowers a single viewer’s experience of the world from a particular point of view through various electronic and architectural devices.

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To accompany WINDAUGE, Giorgio Sadotti installs GIORGIO SADOTTI SOUND LIKES I (A COMPOSING) in the Arch space. To open the exhibitions, the band of the same name – GIORGIO SADOTTI – made a special performance at the preview on Friday 24 June at 8pm. Line up: Giorgio Sadotti, Mary George, Leda Sadotti and Jamie Kirkbride.

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FlatScreen Programme

Lower Gallery until 18 September

A BIT OF A GIG was made from a special performance on 24 June, 2016 by the band GIORGIO SADOTTI, featuring Giorgio Sadotti, Leda Sadotti, Mary George and Jamie Kirkbride. Camera Michael Curran.

-scape is a new video compilation featuring artists from the Californian coast, curated by Jane Mulfinger, from 10 August with Maya Guranz, Jane Chang Mi, Kio Griffith, Laurel Beckman, Stephanie Washburn.

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Meet the artists: Sunday 18 September at 2pm

Jane Mulfinger and Graham Budgett are artists and academics from the University of California Santa Barbara. Giorgio Sadotti joins the artists for an international discussion about collaborative practice, site-specificity, British conceptualism, the digital image and related topics.


Beaconsfield Gallery Vauxhall is an artist-led entity that, along with its predecessor Nosepaint, has functioned as a primary research vehicle for 25 years and is particularly notable for pioneering developments in time-based and sound art as well as curatorial practice.

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