Messy Bodies

Reclaim Your Recipe: a workshop to reclaim self love and care

Wednesday 1 August
6:30 – 8:30pm in The Ragged Canteen

The Ragged Canteen at Beaconsfield hosts a workshop that explores the benefits of a constructive expression of anger or hurt. What could it mean to let ugliness and pain brew, marinate and cook?

Messy Bodies is a collective art group: a sprawling network of Femme and Non Binary artists emerging from 2017 and in constant transmutation. In this workshop they invite fellow travellers to join them in an experimental cookery class, where each participant offers up the ingredients of the recipe.

The Ragged Canteen will offer a convivial menu of drinks and nibbles.

Society events are Pay-what-you-can. All donations appreciated. Turn up on the door or, to secure a place, sign up on Eventbrite or with