The Partisan Social Club Entertains…

Saturday 24 November 16:00–19:00 The Partisan Social Club invite you to a closing event to celebrate the Partisan Social Club’s residency with Beaconsfield. Starting with a talk by artist Richard Galpin and end with Partisan Bingo … Read more

Messy Bodies

Reclaim Your Recipe: a workshop to reclaim self love and care Wednesday 1 August 6:30 – 8:30pm in The Ragged Canteen The Ragged Canteen at Beaconsfield hosts a workshop that explores the … Read more

Seb Patane’s Art Class Kennington

in Greenhouse Effect 2018 Thursday 24 May from 2pm to 5pm Migrating his weekly art class to the colloquial atmosphere of the Ragged Canteen as part of Greenhouse Effect 2018, Seb Patane offers his … Read more

Mic Drop: a performative symposium

Keith Piper with Paul Goodwin as part of a performative symposium on Saturday 21 October starting at 5.30pm. Participating performers respond to Keith Piper’s new commission Mic Drop including: dubmorphology Rinkoo … Read more

Provisional Conditions

Symposium: Heritage, Immigration and Temporary Fabrications: Abandoned Facilities & Housing Immigration  with Material Conjectures, Andrea Delaplace and invited speakers. The Beaconsfield Commission is part of a wider research project reflected in a symposium planned during … Read more


Thursday 6 June 1996, 12 noon – 12 midnight Julian Stallabrass, Orphan Drift, Keith Arnatt, Uli Aigner, Polskadavians, Ronald Fraser Munro and Jeremy Blank, Patricia Scanlan, PUT PUT, Debbie Booth, Wayne … Read more