Practice in Dialogue Reading Group

The Breasted Experience: the look and the feeling by Iris Marion Young.

Sunday 5th August 2018

3-5pm in The Ragged Canteen with closing drinks to mark the end of In Whose Eyes?

The chest, the house of the heart, is an important center of a person’s being. I may locate my consciousness in my head, but my self, my existence as a solid person in the world, starts from my chest, from which I feel myself rise and radiate ([28] pp. 22–27; [13], Ch. 27). At least in Euro-American culture, it is to my chest, not my face, that I point when I signify myself. In Hindu philosophy of the body the chest is not the only center, but it has the integrative power among them ([11], pp. 132–135).

Catherine Long, artist and co-founder of Practice in Dialogue, leads a guided reading in the context of her own recent experience of breast cancer.

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