Tuula Närhinen


Tidal Impressions of the River Thames

Below Zero Finnish Art Prize 2020

Exhibition 26 February–5 April

Wednesday–Sunday, 11am-5pm

Tuula Närhinen understands water as a dynamic agent and naturally occurring archive of the Anthropocene. In a quest to ‘fathom the subconscious of River Thames’, Närhinen builds a portrait of this central waterway with reference to mid-Victorian photographic chemistry, sewage system and philanthropy; and to the layers of deep time embedded over thousands of years and visible through fragments preserved in London’s unique, anaerobic river-mud.

Press Release here

Please visit the Finnish Institute’s online gallery of the exhibition at Beaconsfield here


Residency period 16 January-25 February

  • The residency process was open to the public on Fridays 11am-5pm. Foreshore walks with the artist on 31 January and 14 February. KAS Interactive Art, Science & Heritage walk on 21 February.

View | DEEP TIME DEPOSITS in the making


Opening event Sunday 1 March 14.00-17.00

Listen | Tuula Närhinen and curator-researcher Taru Elfving discuss Närhinen’s practice at the opening event of the exhibition at Beaconsfield Gallery Vauxhall.


Closing event Sunday 5 April
 14.00-17.00 (Rainmaking will premiere online on 5 April)

  • 14.00 Reflections on Deep Time Deposits formal presentation by Tuula Närhinen (cancelled)
  • 15.30 Rainmaking with composer Tytti Arola and performers.

View | Composer Tytti Arola plays Rain, Sleet, Snow


Find more images of the project here

Tuula Närhinen is the second recipient of the Below Zero Finnish Art Prize

Beaconsfield Commissions 2020