Jin Han Lee is in residence with Beaconsfield 17 May–16 July 2021.

Observe the interaction between virtual and material realities on Wednesday 2 June and Saturdays 5, 12, 19 June, between 12 noon and 5pm.

We decided that using an app more aligned to traditional ways of working/making art was a more appropriate gateway into a fully immersive environment.

However, interestingly, after we did that session, Jin is now back using the [original] app we suggested and creating in 3D… [it was] like the barrier or threshold was overcome quickly–by using the app recreating 2D painting. It seems almost that the step going back was needed as part of the process to further the practice and proceed to the next step. artsXR, Kristina Thiele notebook 27.5.21

The studio/gallery is open to the public to meet the artists on Saturdays  5, 12, 19 June between 12-5pm.

Jin Han Lee B_T6 visual diary here

Painting, to me, is a theatrical interface in which I, as a painted protagonist, narrate my experiences of miscommunication and being lost in translation—literally and tragicomically eluding the authority in language… Jin Han Lee

Jin Han Lee’s painting is a joyous and often humorous representation of her personal life experiences, with an aesthetic problematic at its core. Challenging the known figure/ground relationship in painting, Lee seeks ‘to undermine both Renaissance perspective and the flatness of Modernism by combining both and, in the course of her research in the UK, has identified differences between Western and Korean concepts of time in abstract painting practices.

It is this interest in a clash of space and time that has prompted Beaconsfield to introduce Jin Han Lee to artsXR, a collective of three artists who are at the forefront of research and practice in digital immersive technologies.


Lee takes up residence in Beaconsfield’s Upper Gallery space to make new paintings and–in the same time frame–explore the possibilities offered by immersive online environments in creative collaboration with artsXR. This experimental exchange will enable artsXR to work closely with an established artist and gallery to explore perspectives on art practices in the metaverse of ‘virtual reality’, exploring immersive technologies and the emergent art economies of Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

The objectives of this short collaboration are to share insights into the potential opportunities and demystify emergent technologies in the artistic practice. This scoping exercise and informed exchange is delivered without expectation of a fixed outcome or predicted artwork.

The gallery will re-open to visitors on 2 June, when it will be possible to meet the lead artist in residence, Jin Han Lee, and observe the interaction between virtual and material realities.

B_T6 Jin Han Lee Extended Realities is the sixth in the series Beacon_Transitions: a lockdown experiment wherein a virtual portal is opened by Beaconsfield for artists to explore in conjunction with the physical site.

B_T 6 Extended Economies – an online discussion in immersive space

B_T6 Extended Realities Exhibition 17 July–6 November 2021
B_T6 Extended Realities Visual Diary

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