Keg Beaconsfield Art Works (BAW) curated by Conductors Hallway, Camberwell, London SE5 as part of Collectibles.    

London Teen Tours 2017

Teen Tours are public talks taking place on the last weekend of the exhibition, within the exhibition spaces. The tours offer audiences new perspectives on the exhibition, based on young people’s … Read more

#DoingItInPublic | CCA

Curating Contemporary Art Programme (CCA) Established 25 years ago the MA Curating Contemporary
Art (CCA) programme is recognised both as an international leader in its field and for its commitment to … Read more

#DoingItInPublic | Paloma Proudfoot

belittle, Paloma Proudfoot Against the rigid order of the market rhythms, what emerges as by-products in the peripheries, seams and off-times? Every morning flowers discarded from the market will be
brought … Read more