Andrew Pierre Hart
in residence from 18 February 2021

1:1 exchange w/Andrew Hart is an improvisatory alternative Art School for the moment.

Utilising the decolonising techniques he has been developing as teaching methodology, Andrew Hart’s programme will discuss institutional structures through improvisatory ideas of cross-modality.

Responding to the educational frustrations of Covid19, the initial shape of Andrew Hart’s Beaconsfield residency was optimistically envisioned in Summer 2020 as a limited access, temporary art school. As an educator, Hart recognised the potential in Beaconsfield’s invitation to use the physical gallery as a space for reflective development in lockdown and proposed to open up his residency to a range of practitioners who were finding access to studio space problematic during pandemic restrictions.

As restrictions have escalated, the project has been re-shaped and modified in response. Hart’s generosity will now be symbolically extended to four artists invited to engage in a short and intensive exchange of ideas, skills and vibes on separated occasions across Hart’s five-week residency.

Celebrating the visceral qualities of Painting and Sound as core mediums for cross-modal idea generation, Hart’s offer is one of ‘ongoing rhythmic research, play, experimentation and improvisation ad infinitum: an improvisation of improvisation’. The ambition is to combine engagement with video, performance, found object and image, language and photography in a counter-hegemonic reconstruction of art languages.

In the context of Andrew Hart’s proposal, Beaconsfield understands decolonisation as a wider process that we are part of. As an artist-led entity, we are inspired by the idea of this process as an idealistic project rooted in praxis: a decolonising vision originally conjured by Frantz Fanon ‘… about reshaping, turning human beings once again into craftsman and craftswomen, who in reshaping matters and forms needed not look at the pre-existing models and needed not use them as paradigms.’[1]

About Andrew Pierre Hart here

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1:1 exchange w/Andrew Hart is the third  in the series Beacon_Transitions: a lockdown experiment wherein a virtual portal is opened by Beaconsfield for artists to explore, supported by Art Council England’s Emergency Response Fund.


[1] Mbembe Achille, “Decolonising Knowledge and the Question of the Archive,” in Decolonising the Curriculum, the Museum and the Mind, ed. Marquard Smith, (Vilnius Academy of the Arts Press: Vilnius 2020), 60.